Apparently my secret fetish is being electrocuted. ((And mine is inflicting pain upon others. Pretty accurate.))

Erin’s fetish is nothing. Seriously, nothing is hot to this person.


Taylor’s fetish is boobs.


Oh baby.

pops/lollicop so otp

Lucette’s fetish is loli-con.

Gwendolyn’s fetish is deep, manly voices.

Hensley’s fetish is aliens. 

omg. XD

Yay for OC fetishes!

Vincent’s fetish is books. [Somewhat accurate]

Kenny’s fetish is jazz music

Jamie’s fetish is noses

Aurora’s fetish is licking/nibbling

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    maid outfits …..your point being?
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    “Kay’s fetish is murder.” I’M
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    Spencer’s fetish is men/women in uniform. Too fucking perfect seeing that I am joining the Army Monday. Also, feet.
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    Katyn’s fetish is fire. Hahahah ha HAHAHAHAHA they know
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    sheets/blankets. SOBBING...victorydyke’s fetish is motorcycles. Well then. … I do like...
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    Sammie Groom’s fetish is being dominated. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN. No shame.
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    Dani’s fetish is inflicting pain on others. oh shit that’s true
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    Frene’s fetish is snuggles.
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    Sadie’s fetish is everything. Seriously, everything is hot to this person. ((….. LMAO a lot is hot to her, admittedly,...
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    Pandora’s fetish is hats. Fancy hats. lolololoololololo Me: .*…………………* is fetish is people who are asleep. O.O…..good,...
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    Pravus’s fetish is mind control. ((WAT— jwkefdkelwqefkjs OMG XD))
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    Dread’s fetish is guns or other weaponry. “Oh….”
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    Ethan’s fetish is cuddles. Daww…
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    Trumpets’s fetish is blood WELP
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    sheets/blankets. SOBBING...Lindsay’s fetish is bathing/showering with their potential...
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    Sev’s fetish is huge explosions. …well you aren’t wrong.
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    More like bubble butts
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    should i be afraid this was the image on the page… oh food
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    Rendex’s fetish is robots. You’ve found me out
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    Slim’s fetish is BOOKS. All of the books… HOW DID IT KNOW
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    Alana’s fetish is dominating others uh
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    …. I got hugs. You guys got hurting people and necrophilia and I got HUGS. I was not expecting that.
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    helix’s fetish is necrophilia. Oh gob no. THEY’RE ON TO ME THEY KNOW
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    Tchy’s fetish is simply flailing on the bed and getting tangled in the sheets/blankets.SOBBING AND LAUGHING AT THE...
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    stonewallaby’s fetish is fire bcoz im hot omfg
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    Timotheah’s fetish is screaming. B)
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    "vivo’s fetish is bubbles."
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    … schoolgirl outfits i believe this.
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    darklightkitsune’s fetish is snuggles. I….. how did it know????
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    I feel ya. Murder is mine too.